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Actual Technology, used all around the world!


Agora means:" MARKETPLACE"

Now, Agora Brands Group transformed digital interactions by giving form to intelligent Avatars who engage users with real contact strategies and believable social behaviors. They make online action more natural, activity efficient and more interactive.


On any Device.......

Agora App Technology is developed in HTML, with a web-responsive design. Clients can interact with your Virtual Assistant from Mobile Devices, PC, Smart TV, Auto Screen, Home platform, Social Media, Website and Businesses Globally.


An Intuitive and Interactive Customer Experience

AAVAA: AI Avatar Virtual ANN Assistance, platform. AAVAA is the Commercial Entity of automated alternative to Customers Services, Special Orders, Visual Product Q&A,  Technical Support and Finance Contract Approvals for Customers Purchases Globally


                  "FORM FOLLOWS EMOTION"

Agora Brands Group, an AI Avatar App and AI Avatar Virtual ANN Assistance Platform (AAVAA) for every Man, Woman and Child in the World. 

Our Avatars cross over to all devices: i.e., (mobile devices, PC, TV, Home Interaction, Social Media, Auto (dash) Screen, websites and Businesses Globally).

The Agora Avatar App will be FREE to everyone, all consumers will be able design their own avatar anyway they want.

AAVAA: Websites Owners will provide Avatars for customer services, tech support and many other options in over 20 different Languages and Represent your company Services and Product 247!

AAVAA: Commercial (business) Interaction with all your Avatar Consumers, as they ask for support questions, purchases, product knowledge and financing profiles. 

            Offering an Intuitive, FUN, and Interactive Customer Experience. 


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