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Agora Brands Group, Inc. is thrilled to announce the securing of a $1m seed funding investment. The investment will help fund the launch of Agora Brands Group Inc., enabling the company to attend industry events, implement their platform around the world, and open the door to Series A funding later in the year. With this first round of funding, Agora Brands Group, Inc. will establish itself as the first company to provide AI Interactive Avatar Technology globally.


Agora Brands Group, Inc.’s first targets include the Service Kiosk and Real Estate industries, with future goals of breaching human resources, tourism, death care, and celebrity IP licensing. Soon, intelligent avatars will be able to assist end-users with their needs through intuitive interaction. Service kiosks will remember customers by face and voice recognition, tailoring the kiosk experience to their needs. Real Estate Avatars will be able to help potential homebuyers through the process of buying a home, answering questions about the home, community, local amenities and other inquiries as needed.


The seed funding will enable Agora Brands Group to service businesses around the world and provide operational funding in the upcoming months. For more information, visit our website and follow us on our social media platforms.

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