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It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is quickly gaining power in the marketplace and public space. There’s a wide range of industries implementing AI systems, from the banking industry to the video game industry, and an even greater range of applications within those industries. Agora Brands Group currently fits into a handful of these industries, creating AI Interactive Avatars to enhance the customer experience and to simplify and expedite processes. AI Interactive Avatars are going to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers and create stunning, intuitive AI Avatars to improve the quality of life around the world.


What are Avatars?

Agora Brands Group Avatars are built with our motto in mind: “Form Follows Emotion.” To create a human-like experience for the customer, our Avatars are designed to be visually appealing and pleasant to interact with. High-quality, photo-realistic LOD-8 visual rendering offers make; our AI Avatars look almost indistinguishable from a real, live person. Similarly, our avatars respond to interaction intuitively like a human would; There is no question or command that our Avatars can’t handle. All of this is done to create a stimulating experience for customers and show the world the wonders of artificial intelligence.



While there are many potential uses for AI Interactive Avatars, Agora Brands Group is first aiming at a few industries, including the service kiosk; real estate; celebrity IP and licensing; death care; tourism and hotel; and human resources industries.


Service Kiosk

Adding an AI Interactive Avatar to a service kiosk, like an ATM or fast food restaurant can be very beneficial on both the business and the customer end. Agora Brands Group Avatars recognize customers through facial recognition, refer to them by their name, and remember their preferences. No mistaken food orders, no offers left unspoken – Just efficient and personable customer service that relieves pressure for the business and best helps customers with their needs.




Real Estate

Waiting for real estate agents to have open time slots can slow down the process of buying and selling a home. Having an AI Interactive Avatar to inform potential home buyers about a home solves this problem. Agora Brands Group Avatars can give home buyers a virtual tour, answer questions about the space and neighborhood, and even take interested buyers up to the point of sale. Our AI Avatars know everything a human real estate agent would know and can help take some pressure off the real estate company.


Celebrity IP and Licensing

Having a celebrity represent a company can greatly help customers relate to its brand. Our AI Interactive Avatars can bring deceased celebrities and icons to life again to speak for a brand. Elvis Presley could help a company sell guitars, or Muhammad Ali could represent a boxing glove manufacturer. The possibilities are endless, and there’s no icon that Agora Brands Group can’t create.


Death Care

Losing loved ones hurts. While there is no replacement for having them with you physically, Agora Brands Group aims to provide some comfort by creating AI Avatars that look, think, and behave like lost friends and family members. Embedded with real-life memories, family stories, and knowledge of important dates, it is as close to the person that inspired the avatar and never far away. Avatars can also be used in post-mortem legal matters to deliver personal messages and wishes.


Tourism and Hotel

Traveling to an unfamiliar area can be difficult. Agora Brands Group avatars make the journey a little easier. Avatars at a hotel’s front desk can assist travelers with checking in, giving them information about the surrounding area and nearby attractions. All customer inquiries from managing room booking to questions about the hotel amenities can be handled by an Avatar that is as knowledgeable and friendly as a real desk clerk.


How Avatars Can Change the World

Artificial intelligence has unimaginable capability, and Agora Brands Group Avatars are on the leading edge of a vast and deep world. Simplifying and optimizing business operations, providing users nearly limitless access to relevant information, and even bringing back lost loved ones are all things that Agora Brands Group AI Avatars will make a reality. The future of technology is here – Agora Brands Group wants to make sure you get your best use of it.


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