This post is the first article in a weekly series that will serve as a reference for artificial intelligence, avatars and all areas of innovative new technologies. Here you will learn about what our company does and how it is innovating in the world of artificial intelligence. Agora Brands Group is the face of AI, and we want to share our experiences and developments with you. Beginning today, Agora Brands Group is launching a weekly blog filled with engaging content that will show you how we are aiming to transform the relationship between people and technology.


Agora Brands Group LogoThis blog will serve a variety of purposes. We will be informing you about exciting updates with our company as they happen so that you will on top of what is going on in our industry. Beyond that we want to provide insight into the use of artificial intelligence across all industries. Artificial intelligence employed in business and in peoples’ lives is a fairly recent field, but it is gaining momentum quickly and is filled with innovation. We want to help you understand the benefits and the challenges – the upside potential and the downsides – of the blooming field of artificial intelligence.


Our blog will be a weekly update, unless we have some really exciting news that we just can’t wait to share. We encourage all comments and feedback regarding the topics we write about, because we love to discuss these things with readers like you. We truly want to build a future that incorporates artificial intelligence in a positive way that benefits you and serves a greater purpose to society.


In today’s world there simply is not enough time to read everything you might want to regarding on-going technology developments. Agora Brands Group will do the research for you and deliver it in a user-friendly fashion that keeps you informed on our progression and important information regarding artificial intelligence.


Stay tuned to our blog page for updates every week and stay informed about how we are changing the face of AI. Our articles are compact, easily consumable content, so you can get all the information you need to stay up-to-date in a short period of time. Next week, we will be taking a deep dive into the interactive kiosk industry covering the state of the market and how we aim to make a difference in that arena.