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Part three of our InteracTech Series covers our facial recognition technology. Facial recognition has been adopted among many industries for security and personalization, and Agora Brands Group is leveraging this technology as one of many facets that provides a great interactive kiosk customer experience.


How is it Used?

One part of providing a personalized customer experience is being able to recognize the customer. Unique identifiers help with this, and working in coordination with our other technologies, enables our avatars to access a customer’s consumer database. Cameras on the front of an interactive kiosk analyze face metrics of each user that interact with the kiosk and remembers them so that the next time they approach the kiosk, their personalized data and preferences are loaded to tailor the experience to their needs. This is one half of the two-part identification system that enables a unique experience. The other half is voice recognition, which we will cover next week.


The Benefits

In the modern age, convenience is paramount. There are simply too many options out there for consumers to navigate. This is why we use an interconnected web of technologies that analyzes customers’ behavior and preferences to help them find the things they need. Facial recognition is one of the unique identifiers that enables customers to “sign in” to their profile and give the avatar the ability to provide assistance.

Similarly, facial recognition is an extremely specific identifier that cannot be manipulated by another user. The highly sensitive nature of facial recognition ensures the privacy of a customer’s profile and prevents it from being accessed or manipulated by another user.


Public Spaces

With any facial recognition technology use, there is a concern regarding privacy. If a kiosk is used in a public space like a mall, is it tracking the faces of each person walking by? Agora Brands Group is aware of this concern and takes the consideration seriously. To put it simply, our facial recognition technology only operates in the confines of the database it is used for. The recognition technology only remembers faces that are registered as customers, in an effort to not invade the privacy of those who have not used the kiosk. Similarly, the technology only has access on a customer as it relates to their consumer preferences. Because we care about privacy concerns, the database of customer information is strictly related to enabling our avatars functionality and positive interaction.


Facial recognition technology plays an important role in providing a great customer experience. Our promise to consumers is to handle privacy concerns responsibly and securely, because nobody should have to worry about their personal data being disclosed in places they are unaware of. Next week we will be covering a similar topic with our voice recognition technology.