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About The Company

Agora Brands Group’s mission is to create avatars that transform the interaction between people and technology. Agora Brands Group combines art-infused technologies with artificial intelligence (AI) into avatars that promote human-like customer service engagement.  At Agora Brands Group an avatar looks like a person, moves like a person, speaks with you, listens to you, sees what you are doing, understands what you are saying and offers help and advice within a customer service setting. 

Agora Brands Group aims to become The Face of AI.

Most avatars applied to today’s business applications are “pitch” avatars while the avatars being developed by Agora Brands Group seek to deliver a higher level of interaction.  These avatar designs deploy AI-driven technologies of facial and speech recognition along with the latest developments in the language technologies of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Global economies have shifted and continue to shift from manufacturing-centric to service-centric.  In the growing service economy there is a rising demand for well-trained, educated, engaging and personable front-line staff in the food services, retail, eldercare, healthcare and travel and hospitality industries. 

To fill these critical front-line positions, companies increasingly are turning to digital solutions to address a shortage of qualified staff.  Chatbots, voicemail systems and automated call center facilities fail to fill this gap with any degree of quality or satisfaction.  Avatars will be in the forefront of delivering a satisfying customer service experience in the decades to come.  Agora Brands Group is developing a digital solution to fill the growing gap in demand for quality customer service support, and to help firms adapt to a world of and after COVID-19.

From a recent CapGemini report: “As a result of COVID-19, customers are increasingly looking for digital, no-touch connections with organizations, given the constraints and concerns about physical interactions in a new-normal, socially distanced world,” Capgemini said. “Our research shows that even when lockdowns are lifted, customers across the world say they will still be looking to make increased use of touchless interfaces, such as voice interfaces, facial recognition, or apps.”

Our primary sales target is the interactive kiosk market which is expected to grow from $26.2 billion in 2020 to $32.8 billion by 2025, a CAGR of 4.6%.

Agora’s patentable inventions will come from the unique processes developed to combine diverse technologies and design elements into a functional interactive avatar for delivery on a variety of platforms (such as but not limited to kiosks, smartphones, ATMs). This will include the development of individual processes as well as the creation of a software development toolkit that provides an inclusive design environment for complex, highly rendered interactive avatars. Further patentable activity will derive from AI algorithms, multi-objective optimization, multi-criteria decision analysis, predictive analytics and multi task learning. Further, we will secure IP rights for image/rendering of avatars (celebrity and non-celebrity) as well as protect via copyright the embedded code underlying the interactive avatar creations. Over time we will amass a substantial body of copyrighted and protected material that make up both the images and underlying code of our developed avatars.

We get better by the day.

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