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The Face of AI

Agora Brands Group Avatars is a full-fledged tech company which aims to make the customer experience more intuitive with interactive avatars.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the interaction between people and technology. Agora Brands Group combines art-based technologies with artificial intelligence into avatars that promote a more human engagement with technology. Agora Brands Group’s innovative and interactive avatar experience is delivered in a multi-platform, multi-lingual and cost-effective implementation.  Agora Brands Group is “raising the bar” in the artificial intelligence interactive avatar market and its vision is to be that market’s dominant solution.
We want to supplement our customer experience workforces.
We want to bring to life people that are no longer with us. We want to provide users with a responsive platform that can give them access to all the relevant information they could possibly need.  Creating Avatars with life-like design and intelligence allows us to bring this human aspect to artificial intelligence.

Agora Brands Group Leadership

Chris Mitic - Agora Brands Group Founder

Chris Mitic, Founder

Chris founded Agora Brands Group over a decade ago with the intention of making artificial intelligence more engaging and accessible. Decades of experience as a portrait artist led him to the concept of combining his visual arts skills with artificial intelligence technologies and a robust back-end platform to bring interaction and life to his designs. Chris is a U.S. Navy veteran, serving from 1977-1983, and began pursuing entrepreneurship after his career in the service.
Leshia has a strong business background in both the procurement and the pharmaceutical industries. She made a successful exit from the pharmaceutical industry in 2020 to focus her time on Agora Brands Group. Leshia is a founder, investor and board member at Agora Brands Group, having been active with the company since 2013.
Leshia Mitic - Agora Brands Group Co-Founder

Leisha Mitic, Co-Founder

Stuart Rogers - Agora Brands Group CEO

Stuart Rogers, CEO

Stuart Rogers has over three decades of experience in the wealth management industry management with rapidly growing companies. After a long association with Nuveen Investments in Chicago, Stuart spent nearly 10 years at AIG as a President of AIG Financial Advisor Services and Chief Strategy Officer of the AIG Advisor Group. Internationally he has worked in all parts of Europe as well as Japan, China, India, New Zealand and Australia.  Recently Stuart served as Chief Executive and Chairman of a publicly-traded London-based artificial intelligence company focused on Natural Language Generation (NLG). His responsibilities included establishing client relationships and partnerships, raising capital, expanding the company’s product development and market targets and getting the company listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM Board) in 2013. Stuart’s background and experience with this early stage artificial intelligence company led him to his present role at Agora Brands Group.
John has spent the past 20 years as chairman and lead advisor to several disruptive technology companies centered on novel intellectual property to include the commercial application of artificial intelligence. John cofounded an institutional fintech platform for portfolio re-optimization and visualization which was featured as the premier, investment performance weighting methodology in the world by the Journal of Indexing, Legends of Indexing Issue.  John began his career in cutting edge computer graphics as assistant to the CEO of an IBM public spinoff and then co-founded Fortune 500 Intergraph’s: Global Industry Consulting Solutions and Integrations Division, the Corporate Account Group, and the Global Business Partner Program.  John was Chairman or CEO of MadCatz an innovative and public video gaming company, Gem Pharmaceuticals Inc., a biomedical pharmaceutical company focused on cancer treatment and infectious diseases, The Music School Inc., the largest, for profit, music education program in the U.S. and Land Info International, a pioneer in Ecommerce for GIS.
John N. Osland - Agora Brands Group Board

John Osland,

Chairman of the Board

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