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Who and What is Agora Brands Group, Inc?

Ai Interactive Avatar Technology for Mobile Devices, PC, TV, Websites, Kiosks, Social Media platforms and Auto Screen globally.

Death Care Industry Demo

Death-Care Industry:

Imagine AI Interactive Avatars having an extensive and inexhaustible archive of communication available with family members using AiEternity technology.

What do we stand for?

“Form Follows Emotion”

Agora Brands Group Avatars is a full-fledged tech company which aims to make the customer experience more intuitive with interactive avatars.

The digital technology industry works to increase customer satisfaction by deploying chatbots to decrease wait times when customer service is required. Chatbots are impersonal and can only cover a specific range of questions, leaving dissatisfied and frustrated customers who may not return.

The solution Agora Brands Group Avatars began designing 12 years ago is an end-to-end solution which empowers both specific industries and their customers to create an intuitive and satisfying experience. Agora Avatars functionality allows for learning what the customer needs and wants, based on previous interactions with the specific customer and the customer base as a whole.

What can we offer

Our Agora Avatars have:


A.I. Interactive Avatar Technology for Customer Experience

High-Quality, Photo-Realistic Renders/LOD-1 through LOD-8

Real-Time Live Face Recognition

Quality Voice Recognition

Interact Globally with Clients and Customers in 25 Fluent Languages

Next Generation Life-like Text-to-Speech Technology Globally

Closed Caption Technology on All Platforms

Smart Analytics Utilizing the Power of A.I.

What can we offer

Future of Interactive Avatar Websites

While other companies are targeting the medical and specific aspects of determined industries, Agora’s Staff is working tirelessly to build relationships with target prospect industries in:

Fast-Food: Interactive Avatar Kiosk

HR-Human Resource platform

Celebrity and Icon, IP Licensing for Brands/Influencers

Hotel and Tourist Industry

Manufacturer of Mobile Devices, PC, TV, Kiosks and Auto

Death Care Industry

The target for a product of this nature is 1% of approximately $160B market in the five selective industries listed above. We will be using inbound marketing strategies for pre-launch and PR Campaigns in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

We get better by the day.

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