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12 Advantages of our Avatars-as-a-Service Creations

Service Excellence Avatars are designed and trained to provide a high level of service satisfaction in all application environments

Contactless A health-conscious solution that is fully voice interactive without the need to touch any screens, buttons or keys

Artificial Intelligence AI Avatars recall and recognize repeat customers to provide better service and to optimize selling opportunities thus increasing profit potential with each customer interaction


Avatars recognize dialects and speech patterns so they can personalize service delivery to different types of customers


Can interface with digital assistants (Siri/Alexa)


Avatars learn a disciplined approach to sales and service

Cost Effective Compared to similarly sized fully loaded human workforce

Scalable A Small army of digital customer service agents can be deployed quickly worldwide

Maximize Staffing A digital workforce can ramped up or adjusted rapidly to changes in demand, sales cycles, or seasonal factors

Brain in the Cloud Customer interactions, questions, answers and transactions are stored in the cloud and are available as reference to all avatars in the network

Multiple Languages Avatar can communicate in multiple languages and recognize which language is being spoken

Business Intelligence Business analytics are available such as what is selling or not, what customers are saying about the products and services, along with time-of-day, seasonal and weather related analytics

Avatars as a Service SaaS delivery business model – subscription priced (per month per device)

Custom Solutions The look and overall design; the voice and speech; the spoken information content all are designed to your specifications. The architecture accommodates direct access to third party technologies, datasets and APIs

Multiple Platforms Can operate on interactive kiosks, smartphones, personal computers, digital signs and smart vending machines

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