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Avatar Creative Technologies develops software avatar creations for use in business applications: customer service, order taking, information providing and client interaction in a broad range of settings.

ABG Consulting Solutions engages with companies to achieve customer service excellence and develop best practices in training and execution of customer service positions. Individual engagements may or may not have an avatar component.

Avatar Celebrities helps celebrity clients seeking to incorporate avatars into aspects of their brand, outreach and marketing.

The core business is centered on interactive avatars delivered in a platform agnostic setting – basically anything with a screen. These platforms include kiosks, ATMs, smart vending machines, tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and digital signs. Concentrating on providing customer service or assistance, the industry opportunities are numerous, including:

  • Fast food and casual dining – order taking and customer support

  • Financial services and banking – ATMs and transaction assistance

  • Celebrity – branding and avatar companionship

  • Human resources – virtual HR assistant

  • Hospitality, travel and tourism – service and support and virtual booking assistant

  • Realtors and real estate – virtual real estate assistant

  • Healthcare institution – service and support and virtual health assistant (triage)

  • Educational institutions – virtual teaching assistant

  • Eldercare – avatar companionship

We get better by the day.

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