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What we do

An interactive platform represented by avatars

AI Interactive Avatar
Avatars can be placed in self-service kiosks to enhance the customer experience with realistic visual rendering and intuitive interaction. These avatars establish a close and meaningful connection with clients by serving as a 24/7 accessible customer service representative.
Photo-Realistic Renders
Agora Brands Group’s Avatars can be rendered in different Levels of Detail (LOD) from 1, a simple cartoon animation, through 8, a highly detailed, approaching realistic human portrait).
Real-Time Live
Face Recognition
Avatars recognize a customer’s face each time they visit a kiosk and access their purchase history and preferences.
Quality Voice
Agora’s Avatars understand and recognize your customer’s voice when they access a kiosk, ask questions, and seek customer support.
Interact in 25 Languages
Avatars understand and converse in 25 different languages on all kiosks worldwide.
Life-like text-to-speech technology
Text-to-speech functionality enhances the Avatar’s interaction with your customers.
Closed Caption technology on all platforms
Avatars provide Speech to Text on all platforms in 25 different languages.
Smart Analytics
Avatars provide sophisticated analytics as part of its core artificial intelligence engine.

What we do

Prototypes for the following industries:

Fast Food Interactive Avatar Kiosks

Provide Avatars on kiosk platforms for the fast food industry. Interactive recognition technology provides customer service and standards globally.

Human Resources Platform

Provide interactive Avatars on websites and employment platforms for candidates, job postings, and recruiters.

Celebrity IP Licensing

Provide interactive Avatars for celebrity IP licensing.

Tourist and Hotel Industry

Interactive Avatar services for tourists and hotel guests. Avatars can represent a brand for its entire property.

What we do

Celebrity Avatars: IP Licensing
Icon / Celebrity Avatar for Brands

Deep learning methods

Avatars learn to move seamless, all AI Technology.

Fast speed & track movement

Mo-Cap: Motion Capture; so Avatars can dance, jump and work out with ease.

Tracking body movements

Able to control Avatars on all Platforms for Interactive Movement.

Perform analyzation imageries

Preforming movement to copy real Icons, Celebrities and Humans.

Compatible on all platforms

Avatars are available on Mac, Windows, mobile devices, and all other platforms.

We get better by the day.

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