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What we can do

Future of websites.
An interactive format represented by avatars

AI Interactive Avatar

Avatars Completely Interactive for all customers on all Websites that want to provide Products, Services and Q&A for Customers and Clients with a low bonus rate and high intuitive experience.

Photo-Realistic Renders

Avatars high/low renders LOD: (Level of Detail) 1 starting with Cartoon Animation and LOD:8 for that realistic Human Portrait Interaction.

Real-Time Live
Face Recognition

The Website Avatar will recognize your Face each time you visit and provide endless customer service

Quality Voice

To understand and recognize your voice as you visit, ask questions and ask for help each time.

Interact 25 Languages

Trigger your Avatar with your Native tongue in 25 Languages, on all Websites globally

Next Generation life-like,
text to speech technology

Text to Speech Recognition for Avatars to Interact with you all any platform/Website.

Closed Caption technology
on all platforms

Avatars can provide Speech to Text all your Platform for all your Clients in any language.

Smart Analytics

Ai Interactive Avatar technology for your Website.

What we can do

Agora means: Marketplace
Demo Presentations to the Following Industries

Fast-Food Interactive
Avatar Kiosks

Provide Interactive Avatars on Kiosk Platforms for entire Fast-Food Industry. Interactive recognition technology to provide customer service and standards globally.

HR-Human Resources

Provide Interactive Avatars on Websites and Employment Platforms for: Candidates/ Job Postings/Recruiters.

Celebrity and Icon,
IP Licensing

Provide Interactive Avatar Icons and Celebrities for IP Licensing for Brands and Influencers.

Tourist and Hotel

Provide Interactive Avatar services and rendering Image for Tourist and Hotel guess. Have Avatars represent your Brands and Image for your entire property.

Manufacturer of Mobile Devices, PC, TV, Kiosks & Auto Screens

Have the Avatar give your Device/Product technology support and customer service for all New purchases. standards globally.

Death Care Industry

Technology enabling Love-Ones (avatars) the ability to intelligently communicate with Family- Members,

What we can do

Celebrity Avatars: IP Licensing
Icon / Celebrity Avatar for Brands

Deep learning methods

Avatars learn to move seamless, all AI Technology.

Fast speed & track movement

Mo-Cap: Motion Capture; so Avatars can dance, jump and work out with ease.

Tracking body movements

Able to control Avatars on all Platforms for Interactive Movement.

Perform analyzation imageries

Preforming movement to copy real Icons, Celebrities and Humans.

Compatible with Mobile Devices, Windows and any platform.

Complete Interaction movement for all Platforms and Devices.

We get better by the day.

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